Mr. K. K. Menon

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Mr. K. Premachandran

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Mr. Prem Kishan

Four decades of successfully associating with spaces and all needs that make a space functional; this is the story of Concord Enterprises—the strength and inspiration behind Concord Design Studio. Established in 1972, Concord Enterprises was launched by Mr. K. K. Menon, with water proofing chemicals as the main product of trading. The firm was then taken over by his son Mr. K. Premachandran in 1978 with the aim to bring modern comforts and conveniences into homes and offices. Over the years, the brand has grown to be a credible name in its field with a list of impressive projects.

Today, newer lifestyle choices and technologically advanced facilities available have prompted us to branch out to a more exclusive design concept. This is the inspiration and motto behind Concord Design Studio, headed by Mr. Prem Kishan, son of Mr. Premachandran. Prem, is a civil engineer and carries an experience working with a multi-national company, Sobha Developers. Equipped with a team that carries experiences earned from past years and enthusiasm to undertake future challenges, Concord Design Studio comes to you with a promise to design your spaces as unique and personal as you wish. With a modern manufacturing unit, an inspiring design team and an able leadership, we aim to deliver quality, on time, every time.